About Us

We are a team of Architects and 3D Artists specialized in developing innovative solutions for visualization, architectural design and branding.


Founded in 2013, VZ Studio had a rapid growth in the market thanks to our dedicated and passionate character.


We provide graphic solutions within the fields of Design, Architecture and Real Estate developers. We use the most advanced technology in architecture visualization in order to recreate the project you imagine.


We offer a quality service, competitive prices and the commitment to fulfill the deadlines of each project.

Our Services

3D Renderings

Photorealistic 3D Renderings are an essential tool to visualize and communicate projects and ideas, and specially to tell stories through images.

Virtual Reality for Architecture

The latest product in the market of Architectural Visualization used in the commercialization of real estate developments. A unique virtual and interactive tour, which allows you a free experience immersed in your dream project. You can enjoy this virtual reality experience with head mounted display (HMD) or in any executable in your PC.

Panoramic 360

The Panorámic 360 is a simpler option than Virtual Reality, that allows you to show the imaged space from a fixed point. You can also establish several points connected to each other in order to make a Virtual Tour.

Photo Montage

This technique, combined with digital photography, allows volumetric  and material verifications, and also observe how the project relates to the existing environment.

Design Support

We accompany you in the design process of your project. We offer a flexible service that adapts to your particular needs and we help you to communicate your ideas in the most effective way. Our team of 3D Artists have knowledge of Parametric Design, vanguard  in Architectural Design.

Maria Agustina Romero

3D Artist

Kevin Varszegi

Architect & Director